write, or e-mail a company that makes holographic packaging material and ask for samples. I'm not going to publish a list of companies here for these reasons:• If all my readers go to the same company, the company will get suspicious and begin investigating inquiries before sending samples. • Future industrial supply startups will be eager to grow their business by handing out samples. These are the companies you should seek out, but I have no way of knowing now which ones they'll be.That said, I'm going to show you a product that meets our needs—but only to a certain extent. It will be good e..
For a more up to date version of this guide see How to Make a Fake ID on WikiHowIntroductionGot ID? No? Then you can forget about cashing checks, renting cars, staying at hotels, picking up certified mail, renting a P.O. box or mail drop, getting a fishing license, obtaining a professional license, going to school, getting married, securing a loan, procuring credit, buying a home, insuring yourself or your property, purchasing a gun, renting videos, getting a job, or starting a business . . . among other things. So what? Most people have ID, right? Right. Sure, plop down your ID to rent a car ..
AlabamaCurrent License - Under UV state’s seal will appear on front plus state seal will overlap upper right corner of photo.AlaskaNew 2014 fine line ID - under UV light a pattern fluoresces to the right of the front picture. Prior ID - “Alaska” is visible and repeats on left and right edge of license Under UV.ArizonaCurrent license - Cactus and background designs fluoresce green, on back a ghost portrait with birthdate appears on bottom left under UV. Prior license - Round State Seal visible on front middle under UV.Arkansas  Current and prior - State outline appears random in three rows..
Some Other Passport StrategiesThe US passport application process requires a personal interview with a certified passport processor at a post office facility. Though you may get a bored and disinterested clerk, never underestimate these people. They are carefully trained and most are extremely adept at uncovering deception. They also have radar when it comes to forged documents.Avoid applying in the big cities near international borders and locations in the southern US where Illegal Hispanic aliens are common.Be prepared for questions, some of which are designed to shake you up. They're lookin..
44. Don't enter contests of any kind. Businesses build their mailing lists by offering contest prizes. (many are never really awarded anyway)45. If you must get married, you might want to get hitched while overseas. The Caribbean would be a good spot.46. Be careful to avoid getting on junk mail lists. Don't' send in warranty cards or answer consumer surveys.47. Call your local phone company and sign up for caller ID blocking if you didn't get the Radio Shack blocker box.48. Don't register for and then use "preferred customer" cards. All of the largest national book stores push these cards and ..
The National ID ProblemSome elements in the federal government are seeking to create a highly-fraud resistant, easily verifiable national ID card in several different ways. The first approach would have the Social Security Administration transform the current Social Security Card into a sophisticated passport-type document that would include a digitized photograph printed right into the paper (instead of the more easily altered gluedon photo), sophisticated high-tech features like bar-codingand enciphered magnetic coding.The card would probably include fingerprints in a format thatcan be easil..
Let Us Pray!Here is some interesting information on the Mormon religion. Pay attention, you may need to know about this stuff. Federal law considers all birth certificate records public records. The Mormon religion allows Mormons to list their relatives going back three generations on a form and perform what they call "Ordinances For the Dead". They believe that this ritual will, in effect, yank these relatives from the bowels of hell and instantly transport them to heaven. (This is no joke - the Mormons are very serious about this stuff). And they are a very rich and powerful organization. So..
Drivers LicensesIf you’re young enough, explaining why you’re attempting to get a new drivers license is easy. Past age 25 or so it gets a bit more difficult. Women have it easier here. Complete one of those driver-training programs (bring your graduation certificate with you) and be prepared to discuss your personal situation if you're asked. One guy I heard about nervously claimed he needed a new driver’s license because he had been in prison! One friend I knew needed a new driver’s license because he had been overseas working in Saudi Arabia (Saw’-Dee-ARa’- bia) for the ARAMCO (A-Ram’-Co) O..
The New “Real ID” ActIn May of 2008 the new Real ID Act takes effect. If enacted, it will make it a bit more difficult to obtain any form of official identity document with anything but genuine documents. Under the new rules anyone applying for a drivers license will be required to furnish several different forms of identification. Each document must be verified with the issuing agency. In addition, all documents along with a facial photograph of the applicant will be digitally stored in permanent searchable databases that will merge the databases of all 50 states into a single national databa..
Basics of Card Printing
The Original Way to Make ID CardsPrior to the early 1990s, the most common method of producing an ID card was known as the film-based method. This involved taking a person’s photo, cutting it out and laminating it to a card-sized piece of paper containing the person’s name, ID number and any other personal information.Although the initial investment for a film-based system was relatively low, the time, labor and individual cost per card was high. Plus, these cards were easily counterfeited. As a result, a new method called digital printing arose during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Benefits ..
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